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Ebony and Ella is a 10-volume children's book series*, created by Bea Giovanni, to help in explaining difficult topics to children. The topics include sexual abuse, domestic and intimate violence, gender identity and other tough topics that are not so easy to explain. Each volume follows with trauma informed curriculum.


Ebony and Ella is an important book as it was created with survivors of trauma and abuse in mind and those seeking tools that help in unpacking those experiences. There are distinct goals of the Ebony and Ella children's book series: (1) to create healthy cultural change (2) to heal those impacted by trauma and abuse (3) to prevent trauma and abuse and (4) to educate on trauma and abuse and how it impacts us all.

The book series is accompanied by curriculum that is simple, low-cost and sold separately. You do not have to be certified or an expert to either understand it or to purchase it. The goal is to make trauma-informed education accessible to all to further the work of the trauma-informed communities and institutions. For more information, please see the Author's Note here!


Please make sure to purchase your copy of Ebony and Ella today!

*Currently, Volume 1 available for purchase. Curriculum for Volume 1 coming soon!!!


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